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Common Questions Asked

1) What makes you different from a collection agency?

A collection agency makes phone calls to your Debtor and charges you a percentage of what's due you. We do not call your Debtor(s), we sue your Debtor(s). We charge only a flat fee of $275.00, (less for claims under $5,000.00, and NO percentage; with the Judge adding approximately one-half (1/2) of our fee on top of your judgment.

2) Does your fee include the court cost, and the expense of  process serving my Defendant?

YES, our fee includes  all costs to get you into court with your Debtor(s).

3) When do I pay you for your services?       

We sign an agreement with you as to exactly what action(s) will be performed. This agreement calls for us to pay for the court filing fee, and process serving expenses to compel your Defendant(s) to come to court; we therefore, require our fee to be paid at the signing of the agreement.

4) Can you go to the court hearing for me?

NO, there are no attorneys, or professionals allowed in Small Claims Court; that is why its referred to as "the people's court".  

5) How much can I sue for in Small Claims Court?

The maximum amount allowed to sue for in Small Claims Court, by an individual or sole proprietor is $10,000. Corporations and other entities are limited to a $5,000 maximum. 

Catalyst Business Consultants   -   This Information is NOT Intended as Providing Legal Advice.

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