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CBC Small Claims Processing in California

Does Someone Owe You Money?

Are You Finally Serious About Collecting it?

Small Claims Court Limit is now $12,500 for Individuals and sole proprietors and $6,250 for Corporations and LLCs.

Our comprehensive service covers every step of the process:


Prepare Plaintiff's Claim:

Let us prepare your filing documents.


File Plaintiff's Claim:

We'll ensure your claim is submitted for filing with the court.


Pay Court Filing Fee:

The court filing fee is included in your original payment to us.


Process Serve Defendant:

Our registered and bonded process servers will take care of serving the defendant.


File with the Court Original Proof of Service:

We file the original proof of service with the court and you will receive a copy.


Return to You Copies of All Documentation:

We will mail you copies of both the filing and proof of service.

Catalyst Business Consultants   -   This Information is NOT Intended as Providing Legal Advice.

At CBC Small Claims Processing, we are committed to making the small claims process seamless and efficient, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Take the first step towards reclaiming what's rightfully yours!

Turn Your Bad Debt Into A Judgment

What can you do with a Judgment?

$ - Peform a Levy on your Defendant's Bank  Account

$ - Perform a Garnishment of your Defendant's Wages

$ - Perform a Till Tap on your Defendant's Business

$ - Record your Judgment, placing a Lien on  your

      Defendant's Property & Credit Report

78% of our Clients are PAID BEFORE the Hearing Date

Written Agreements may be pursued up to four (4) years

What Are Our Fees

$245.00 for under $1,500 Claims

$295.00 for over $1,501 > $5,000 Claims

$345.00 for $5,001 to $12,500 Claims

Note: The Court ADDS Approximately 1/2 of our fee on to your Judgment.  Each Additional  Defendant over one is $50.00 for process serving.    

We charge $5.00 to process a credit card.

We accept: Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, 

Discover, and American Express

We also  perform after judgment actions,

appeals, and skip traces.

All You Have to do is Appear in Court on
the Day of the Hearing !!!

Call Toll-Free (800) 566-2166 or Local (310) 281-2850

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