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Does Someone Owe You Money?

Are You Finally Serious About Collecting it?

Small Claims Court Limit is now $10,000 for Individuals against  a company, and  $5,000 for all other cases.

Turn Your Bad Debt Into A Judgment

78% of our Clients are PAID BEFORE the Hearing Date

Written Debts maybe pursued up to four (4) years

What can you do with a Judgment?

$ - Peform a Levy on your Defendant's Bank  Account

$ - Perform a Garnishment of your Defendant's Wages

$ - Perform a Till Tap on your Defendant's Business

$ - Record your Judgment, placing a Lien on  your

      Defendant's Property & Credit Report

We Will Perform All of the Following:

1) Prepare Plaintiff's Claim

2) File Plaintiff's Claim

3) Pay Court Filing Fee

4) Process Serve Defendant (We pay Process Server)

       (We only use Registered/Bonded Process Servers)

5) File with the Court Original Proof of Service

6) Return to You Copies of All Documentation

We Come To You

We accept: Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, 

Discover, and American Express

We also  perform after judgment actions,

appeals, and skip traces.

What are our Fees:

$220.00 for under $1,500 Claims

$275.00 for over $1,500 > $5,000 Claims

$295.00 for $5,001 to $10,000 Claims

Note: The Court ADDS Approximately 1/2 of our fee on to your Judgment.  Each Additional  Defendant over one is $50.00 for process serving.    

We charge $5.00 to process a credit card.

All You Have to do is Appear in Court on

the Day of the Hearing !!!

Call Toll-Free (800) 566-2166

or Local           (310) 281-2850

Catalyst Business Consultants   -   This Information is NOT Intended as Providing Legal Advice.

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